This Is Why You Should Visit Sardinia, Italy

We spent 11 days on this beautiful island called ‘Regione Autonoma della Sardegna’, Italy, exploring the North-Vest part of it.

Landed in Alghero, and for the sake of exploring we did not rented a car, instead picked the first bus and after 2 hours of loud italian music, the sketchiest and the most narrow road of my life, we arrived in Valledoria, in a really friendly camping ‘La Foce’, an interesting lake between the seashore and us, which btw, we had to cross every single day to reach the cristal clear water. Nonetheless it was an awesome feeling, because this lake was filled with kitesurfers and windsurfers showing off their talent, and competing for the highest jump everyday. After some days of chilling, packed up the bags and left to a fancier place, in Marritza ‘La Plage Noire Hotel & Resort’ to experience a higher level of their service. We stayed in some kind of apartment, so we had the opportunity to cook our own food, we had an outside kitchen, which was awesome. We tried lots of specific pasta recipes with fresh ingredients from local farmer shops. Marritza wasn’t big of a deal and wasn’t much to see, in this case we took almost daily buses to go visit bigger cities like Sassari, Sorso or even Porto Torres, and i think it was one of the most brilliant ideeas, so this way we had the opportunity to swim in the morning and at night, and all day to explore places. Sassari was something special, it’s the second biggest city in Sardinia, lots of tourists, amazing architecture and lots of pretty museums. Street art has a special meaning in this city, there are lots of graffities and huge murals. Narrow streets are everywhere, it gives a labirinth feeling to it, so long forgot childhood hide and seek, here is the opportunity. Last but not least, we stayed in Alghero, same camping feeling, just to be close to the airport for the day of departure. So we explored the city from top to bottom, all the available and open museums, art galleries and monuments. Here we found the most friendly and open minden people. We loved it and hope to return soon, to explore the other parts of the island too.


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