My Story

It's been 10 years!

My Story

How I got started in Photography:

How did you get started in photography?

How many years you’ve been in photography?

These are the most frequent question that I get asked about. Sometimes my short answer isn’t enough. So I decided to write this article to show you a bigger picture about this journey. Honestly it’s not that overnight success story, rather it’s a more realistic and self driven one.

My background:

Growing up I had always been a very artistic and crafty child. The walls in our house were full of my sketches and drawings, had a massive Lego Set and loved riding my bike naked, haha!

Besides this, my grandma was a photographer herself and had an amazing photography studio, with the red light room and everything, so every time I visited her was an amazing experience. I haven’t went to art school because they didn’t had classes in my mother language, so my parents decided that I will go to Math-Info, to another school. But besides school, everyday I went to a local Art School were I took Professional Drawing and Painting classes and after so many years of wishing got my first digital camera as well, Nikon D60.   

First steps in Photography:

As I got the camera in 2009, I started this amazing journey. Went to the library borrowed all the photography books, read all I could, searched the internet, invented little projects, made a lot of DIY props. And after a few months I started to feel what photography really means to me.


From that moment on it was part of my core, everyone knew that I was “the girl with the camera”. I found my true sense and it was all, and more that I ever imagined. So every step forward was a super big accomplishment. And I worked hard to get my second lens, after  that my first speedlight, and so on.

Around 8 months later I started to get payed jobs. Portrait sessions, company presentation photos and it slowly took off. The next  year I was the official photographer of the school events, graduation photos and official photographer of the first edition of Hungarian Days in my hometown, Brasov.


This amazing passion just started a fire inside of me and gave me a drive, so I knew I had a defined direction and I needed to do everything I could to evolve.

Being in such a major spotlight because of the Hungarian Days, people started to notice me and called for different photography jobs. Product photography, presentations, concerts and other smaller events. At the time I knew I haven’t got that much of experience, so most of the jobs were barters (when you trade your knowledge or services for other goods) or very low payed ones.


A few events later I developed a pretty consistent Portfolio, so as the quality of my work stepped up I was able to choose the jobs I prefered most.

At that time, I already bought my second camera, the Nikon D90 and my first prime lens, thee Nikon 50mm/1.4. The change was visible and got so many appreciation for my work.

Being in my adolescent years, exploring what relationships really mean and feel, found a quote that somehow reflected my inside toughts:

“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

Since then, this is the motto that drives me to capture on camera what my eyes see and my heart feels.

Capturing the feelings, connected me to people more than I could imagine, so in a very short time I photographed my first wedding. And it was amazing, because after I sent the clients the final gallery and saw how grateful they are for me capturing their super unique and intimate moments, I decided to focus more on the wedding photography.


Rough periods of time exist in everyones life. And as a photographer who does everything on her own, without any connections with influent people, coming from a city where the main acitivity is agriculture, it was hard to make myself known. Investing in marketing was a no-no, because photography gear was expensive. There were moments I went to school, worked afterwards a full-time job (between 6-10 hours) and besides that, had photography jobs.

In moments of rest, between jobs and hard work, together with my best friend who is now a well know Letterer and Designer – Andrea Stan, we worked on a new branding and everything included in the clients experience for my personal brand. It took one year to complete the now called VELLUM branding, and I’m super grateful of what we did! Thank you Mukky!


Higher education:

University was finally my choice so guess what? I chose to study Photography in Cluj-Napoca, at University of Arts and Design. But… after being in this industry for 4 years, having ups and downs, and already knowing how things worked, it wasn’t such a big newsflash to learn about it. On the other hand I had so much more time then my collegues to explore and dive deeper in the parts of photography I already figured out I like. Besides university I kept working part-time jobs for bars and concert venues.

Festival and concert photography was something I always dreamed to do and Cluj-Napoca being such an eventful place, filled with lots of young people and students, was the perfect opportunity for me. I was hooked in no time, so besides all the projects, weddings and what not, I started to shoot bigger concerts and festivals too.

Being part of festivals it’s inevitable to establish new connections, meet people and maybe find the person you care the most of in this world, at your favourite festival.

So this way I met a group of guys with whom now we have a common project named KOMITI – a full-service media agency currently based in Transylvania. Covering the biggest festivals, events and concerts mainly in Cluj-Napoca, but also in other parts of Romania too.


What I learned:

Handeling clients is super important and how you do it, will turn into your trademark.

Consistency is key. Pushing forward with any means will help you grow even when it’s hard.

Making friends in the industry is important.

Social media is an important ramp to show off what you can do.

One of my favourite photos, at Electric Castle 2017 – Moderat Live Concert

Special thanks:

I would like to including a special thanks to my guy, Vizi. He has helped me grow and pursue my dreams and develop my business so much since the very first day we met. As a photographer himself, he understands the problems of the industry and he is incredibly inspiring and always encourages me. I’m super lucky to have you on this journey!

It’s been 10 years, a long ride. I am grateful for all the people who joined and helped me on this process.

Thank you!