My gear

My gear and how I use it

Nowadays gear is an important part of a photographer’s plan on approaching projects. What to shoot with, favourite lenses, accessories?  So I decided to put it all together here for you! Mainly it consists of digital gear and a touch of film gear as well!

Digital gear:

This is all the gear I have and use for weddings, lifestyle, events and personal work. Everything fits into my backpack.

Nikon D750 + Nikon D610 (backup camera, in case of a lightning strikes me at any event) I usually shoot with one camera, so the strap I use is BlackRapid something like Classic Retro RS4, mine is older model so this is the closest one.



I own 4 lenses in total. Yes I know, just 4 lens? Yepp! I bring and use them at all events. The only lens that sometimes doesn’t get used is the Nikon 45mm TiltShift, and I’ll explain why immediately.

The usage percentage based on the editing software’s insights:

24-70mm – 35%

35mm –25%

70-200mm –25%

45mm TS – 15%

Every event is different, but overall these numbers demonstrate my general lens usage. Some more detailed explanations of each lens and when/how I use them:


NIKON 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

I bought this lens alongside the NIKON D610, when I stepped up to Full Frame cameras. Since then it’s been my main lens and it’s one of my favourite. I am a people person and I’m not shy on going super close to someone to get the shot, also it allows me to photograph wide scenes and as well as detailed work too. It gives the feel of actually being there, because of how wide it is and includes enough details around the subject that it’s easy to understand the context. It gives me the freedom to shoot only with one camera and being more present and attentive of what is happening.

Sigma 35mm f/1.4

I got the 35mm after my 24-70mm. The intention was mostly light oriented.

Based on the percentage of usage on the 24-70mm, around 35mm was the most used focal lenght. So I decided that buying this lens will help me out with the poor light situations and as well as being a lighter (in weight) lens for daytrips for just one camera + one lens. I love to use it when I need to hide, because of the size and I use it to mood setting shots. It has a really nice bokeh, so it can be used for bigger detail shots or to separate the subject from the background.

NIKON 70-200mm f/2.8G VR3

It’s an awesome lens. Most suitable for detailed work, it has a really nice bokeh and you can separate the subject from the background, as well as keeping a bigger distance if the privacy is needed. Very sharp and accurate on the focus. 

Nikon 45mm f/2.8 TiltShift

I’ve been dreaming about this lens for a long time. It’s just so different from everything else that it sets you on another level of art. It allows me to capture interestingly focused photos, it gives an intimate feel to portraits, offers a way to accentuate the effect of limited depth-of-field and it separates focused parts on the same plan, this way I can remove distracting details, creating a moody look and tighter feel.


Camera bag:

Lowepro ProRunner 350 AW – Limited resources force us to make brainy decisions, so when picking out the bag for my gear, the decision mingled between low cost, high quality and space for everything I own. This is the only bag I own, fits perfectly everything and I still have room for occasional extras (jacket, food..) This bag is discontinued but there is a newer version of it. When upgrading I will surely stick to the same model.  



Nikon SB-700 and Nissin Di700A + trigger –  I use it in many situations. On camera when I need more ambiental light in the exact places where I shoot. Off camera with trigger (weddings- dance floor, product photography)

Extra: On camera, directed to subject, zoomed in – low shutter speed  



BlackRapid – I wear it for most of the bigger events. For couple shoots and other smaller events I don’t use anything, I carry my camera handheld.

Waterproof Rain Cover – a plastic sleeve for my camera in case it rains.

Batteries- LADDA 2450 mAh – from IKEA, so many people tested them and besides the packaging nothing is different from Eneloop Pro


Film Gear:

Instant film. I’ve been integrating it into my couple sessions and weddings. The results are amazing.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – tiny little plastic camera that brings joy to everyone’s face when I take it out of my bag, they should name it “Instant Joy Making Machine”

Hobby and Free Time:

Fujifilm x100 – Lightweight, super tiny – fits in any of my pockets. I take this camera with me on every personal trip. I’m shooting RAW with it, and the final results have DSLR quality. It has a fixed focal length -35mm, suitable for all around and portraits.


For now, this is all I’ve got, but I’m planing on expanding my tools.

Thanks for reading!